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Илья Клигер: «Памятник научной ошибке» Шкловского как спекулятивный образ Ilya Kliger: Shklovsky's "Monument to a Scientific Error" as a Speculative Image

The article attempts to interpret Viktor Shklovsky's essay, “Monument to a Scientific Error,” in light of a reading of its central subtext, Jules Romains’s cine-novel, "Donogoo-Tonka, or the Miracles of Science". In the course of the reading, the fundamental Hegelian distinction between speculative judgment and the judgment of the Understanding becomes relevant. The Hegelian conceptual apparatus, when applied to the analysis of both 'Donogoo-Tonka' and Shklovsky’s essay reveals a number of different conceptions of mistakenness, from which one is chosen as the most compelling in the light of general epistemological and historico-philosophical tendencies of Shklovsky’s thought, and the thought of OPOYAZ as a whole.