Aleksandr Dmitriev Alexander Dmitriev Александр Дмитриев

Alexander Dmitriev teaches at the National Research University — Higher School of Economics, Moscow, where he is also a leading researcher in the Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities. His research interests include modern Russian and European intellectual history, theories of intellectual development, and the sociology of the humanities. His recent publications have addressed the Russian university in 20th century, academic internationalism, and the history of literary theory. He is the author of "Marxism without Proletariat: Georg Lukács and the Early Frankfurt School in the 1920s and 1930s" (2004) and, in cooperation with Trude, editor of "The University and the City in Russia at the Beginning of the XX Century" (2009) and editor of "The Historical Culture of Pre-Revolutionary Russia" (2012) - which all appeared in Russian.