Fotos von der Tagung Workshop Photos Фотографии

Fotos von der Tagung Фотографии Workshop Photos

Photographs by Andrew Fisher

Fotos von Andrew Fisher

Фотографии Эндрю Фишера

Opening the Workshop "Why begin retro-formalism with a reflection on errors?" Aleksandr Dmitriev presenting "Worse than a Mistake? Epigonism and Routinisation in Russian Formalism" Jan Levčenko presenting "Disappearing Formalism: Figures of Compensation in Victor Shklovsky’s Prose of the Early 1930s." Bernhard Sallmann talks about the significance of errors in film Anke Hennig presenting "Erroneously speculating on chance" Anthony Isles presenting "Critique of a Political Economy of Art Ilya Kliger presenting "Shklovsky's "Monument to a Scientific Error" as a Speculative Image" The past is different. The Library of Merve Close reading of Viktor Shklovsky's "Monument to a Scientific Error" Letters on a screen. Bernhard Sallman's film "Zoo", shown at the Workshop Pavel Arsenev, Oksana Timofeeva, Kirill Ospovat. Igor' Chubarov, Anthony Iles, Natascha Drubeck, Serhei Biareishyk ...